Y, by NL

NL Architects - Y-building, Amsterdam


The third project in the quadrilogy of posts about architectural projects that represent a linguistic character goes back to a design of 1999 that was proposed by NL Architects.

The city of Amsterdam lies at the IJ water. In analogy to that name, the architects proposed an office tower at the waterfront of the IJ which iconography reads ‘Y’.

Ironically it also reads wh(y)? Maybe that is also what the commissioner thought, because the project was never realized.

Recent American research has proven that the form of linguistic characters is derived from patterns in nature, and that the formal features of these characters are all over the world in every language the same. 

The project has been added to the Architects, Representation, and Top 10 pages.

NL Architects - Y-building, Amsterdam

NL Architects - Y-building, Amsterdam