Shipdecks, by Chipperfield

David Chipperfield - Pavilion America's Cup, Valencia 

For the city of Valencia in Spain the British architect David Chipperfield designed a permanent pavilion for the America’s Cup – a major sailing competition. The program features a restaurant, bar, shop, conference facilities, and viewing decks.

The building in my view is iconographic, and refers to the stacked and shifting decks of Cruiseships. The name ‘Foredeck’ that the building gets, underlines this supposed connection. But it remains speculative offcourse.

I wrote that in August. In september Rob Gregory writes in the ‘Architectural Review’ about the building, that the outside decks are 60% of the programme. He also notices that it the building has become one of the main meetingplaces in the city.

“Chipperfield explains that its popularity is derived from the fact that ‘people get it’. When considering this simple building, peoples’ minds don’t have to make a sort of stratospheric leap that is required for example, when considering a Calatrava building. As such it is easier to interpret.” […] “Successfully merging two of Le Corbuisiers’ enduring preoccpations (the Domino model and the influucne of the ocean-going liner), whithout simply refering to their easthetic, this building reminds us of Chipperfield’s Modernist roots.”

Chipperfield critiques here the buildings that Calatrava built in Valencia before him.

Cruise ship decks (Photograph: Noddingdogbob)

Shipdeck (Photograph: CaptQuirk)