Penis, by Nouvel

The Torre Agbar of the French architect Jean Nouvel has taken a prominent place in the skyline of Barcelona. Nobody wants to believe anymore that the iconography that the architect meant for the office tower was that of a fontein, a geiser, a shower. An appropriate iconography for the company the building is for; the water company of Barcelona.

Jean Nouvel - Torre Agbar, Barcelona

Geiser, fountain 

But today everybody refers to the Torre Agbar as the ‘fallus’ or ‘penis-building’ and can be googled under that name. However especially at night it looks much more like a plastic and colorful dildo.

Jean Nouvel - Torre Agbar, Barcelona, 2

Dildo 1 

Curiously enough Jean Nouvel is currently building a second tower in Doha, Qatar, that has a similar shape and smooth texture, and so again a similar unmeant iconography.

Jean Nouvel - Tower, Qatar

Dildo 2 

The dildo’s are from Christine le Duc.

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Well, the second one looks more like a penis with a condom, so they are different, right? Seriously though, his proposal for La Defense in Paris ought to be included here too.

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