Miniature Memories

Tobias Wong - New York City Pocketbook

There is something strange and unsatisfactory about the miniature architecture models that were shown in the October issue of Icon Magazine.

The two remaining matches that Tobias Wong made of a Florent matchbook represent the WTC towers in New York, a brief remembrance before they are ritually destroyed again.

The ‘Buildings of Disaster’ by Constantin Boym are less ritual, but not less unfamiliar. The architecture models do not represent the fertile and beautiful (iconographic) buildings, but represent wounded buildings, and therefore recall the specific moment in time of the disaster.

Constantin Boym - Buildings of Disaster

Constantin Boym - Buildings of Disaster, 9-11 set 

Bigger wounds, wounds that take the size of a whole building are represented in Boym’s ‘Missing Monuments’, a set of miniature models of buildings that no longer exist outside our memory. The connection of memory to the architectural object is questioned. What happens when an iconographic building is cut loose from its icon? What remains of a pyramidal building without the pyramids of Giza? Both the ‘missing’ and remaining monuments are memories, only once seen via different media – a book, the internet, etc., or in real-life.

Constantin Boym - Missing Monuments

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