Light Graffiti

LED Throwies (Photographer: efeb/Flickr)
LED Throwies (Photographer: efeb/Flickr)

As lighted architecture and light-emitting architecture are rapidly becoming more common, LED’s are getting cheaper too. I suppose it is only a matter of time before LED-graffiti emerges to challenge the light architecture. Like these ‘throwies’ illustrate.

Already popping up is a graffiti that creates ‘negative’ images on top of light-emitting surfaces: black paint that is sprayed on top of the light. If you do your best the light is silenced completely. With a different motive that practice is even noticeable in some neighborhoods: people that spray on the streetlights to dim the light that shines every night so brightly in their bedrooms.


What happened to the SAANA post. Freakin’ Pimps (not in the uber cool way). Why are there no regulations on internship conditions (us or abroad)?? It is extremely insulting and generally not a great thing for the profession to have a bunch of people willing to work for free.

I know these firms are getting paid–these are MAJOR COMMISSIONS!!! Have some self-respect interns–Architectural Prostitutes Unite!

how anyone could live in Tokyo$$$$$$ without an income for 6 months.

That’s the wonderful world called the internet, I think she didn’t expect it would be so public and published around the internet.

Nice blog though,

Me neither, but friends of me immediately recognized it as something very newsworthy. Kind of naive from me then.

It wasn’t just on Archinect, the guys at Dezain – Japan – also referred to it.

Hilariously this girl wrote me she received some e-mails of people that asked her how they could get to work for SANAA!

Anyway, the mistake I made was to quote someone personally. It then suddenly becomes all too personal. That is not a road I favor.

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