iPod, by Cybertecture

James Law Cybertecture - iPad, Dubai

Apple - iPod in dock 

The human mind has it tricks. When you first read ‘a building that looks like a giant iPod’, and after that you look at the image, you project what you’ve just learned on the thing you look at. If you read in a museum it’s a Rembrandt, who’s to question that?

If the rumor hits the newsstands before the images do, such as with this project that has been unveiled for Dubai, all blogs and magazine repeat after each other ‘It’s an iPod’, while it looks more like the Fashion Line  of Nokia, a reference we’ve seen before on Eikongraphia with the BBC Music Center of Foreign Office Architects. The building even reads in the top ‘iPad’, in case you would overlook the iconography.

Agreed, the overall form, the rounded edges, the tilted form (6 degrees), look somewhat like an iPod in a dock, but what if you hadn’t read the headline of this post?

James Law Cybertecture - iPad, Dubai (Photographer: Imre, Skyscrapercity) James Law Cybertecture - iPad, Dubai (Photographer: Imre, Skyscrapercity)

James Law Cybertecture - iPad, Dubai (Photographer: Imre, Skyscrapercity)

The project is being designed by Hong Kong architect James Law, who thinks himself as doing ‘cybertecture’, which means — according to the interiors he decorated until this project — installing a lot of colorful lamps, displays, interactivity, etc. The nineties are coming back, it seems.

The building specifications: 23-story, 200 apartments, completion in 2009, and located in the Business Bay area around the Burj Dubai, the 800+ meter high tower designed by SOM.

James Law Cybertecture - iPad, Dubai (Photographer: Imre, Skyscrapercity) 

James Law Cybertecture - iPad, Dubai (Photographer: Imre, Skyscrapercity)

Before the first pictures of the iPad arrived rumors crossed the gadget websites, and the visualization firm Archpartners
even made a nice rendering of a possible iPod building. Ironically it looks better than the proposed building with its abstract square and round framing in the façade. It made me think of some projects by Louis Kahn. The balcony with the trees is ridiculous off course.

Will Apple release next year a special ‘iPad’ edition of the iPod?

Rumors have it that a developer in Australia works on a 34-story apartment building shaped like a mobile phone, “complete with rooftop antenna and enormous buttons.”

Archpartners - Visualisation of an iPod Building

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