Go north

Iceland (Photographer: Stuck in Custums / Flickr)
Reykjavik, Iceland (Photographer: Stuck in Custums/Flickr)

“Let’s go north this summer”, my girlfriend said this spring. The result is that in the upcoming three weeks I am visiting Iceland. We are circling the island, exploring the different landscapes of the country. Posts on Eikongraphia will continue only after my return, as access to internet will be very difficult. Pretty much everything outside of Reykjavik can be called ‘very remote’.

How the current weather is up north? In the upcoming days it’s raining. Temperatures top at 13 degrees Celsius. Add the fact that we are camping and one really wonders whether this really was such a great idea… We’ll see. The HDR photographs by Stuck in Custums are promising!


Iceland (Photographer: Stuck in Custums / Flickr)
Iceland (Photographer: Stuck in Custums/Flickr)


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