Chewing Gum, by Asymptote

For the city of Budapest in Hungary the New York architectural office Asymptote designed a fascinating composition with two towers and a lower building.

The towers look like twisted periscopes. The architecture of the façade reminded me firstly to chewing gum. It seems a stretch to say that all blob-architecture refers in some way to chewing gum, but well… it could be.

Asymptote - Two Towers, Budapest 

The architecture made me also think of the film-art of the London-based Dutch artist Saskia Olde Wolders. She is currently exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, but has for instance also been exhibited at the Tate Modern in London. Very short fragments of her films can be seen here.

Saskia Olde Wolders films feature amazing desolate (architectural) landscapes and interiors that come to life by animation and a voice-over. The following stills come from her film ‘Placebo’ of 2002. It calls in mind films of buildings that are blown up… not a pretty reference if we relate this back to the project by Asymptote.

Saskia Ode Wolders - Placebo 1 

Saskia Ode Wolders - Placebo 2

Saskia Ode Wolders - Placebo 3

Saskia Ode Wolders - Placebo 4

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I would advise everyone to see her movies instead of these stills, since the voice-over and the movements makes the story.
Of course for the reference to the building the stills are good as well.

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