Bridge, by JHK

The new office for Unilever in Rotterdam by the Dutch architectural office JHK uses the iconography of the bridge. The iconography is both funcionally and sympbolic. The building is located near the Maas river with the old out-of-use old Bridge ‘De Hef’. The building hovers above an old butter-factory that is still in use and is only supported by three frames. The steel construction of the building has been constructed next to the side on height and was driven (!) in one weekend to its current location where the building was further constructed.

Next saturday -June 24th- I’m giving guided tours through the building on the Day of the Architecture.

JHK - The Bridge, Rotterdam 1
JHK - The Bridge, Rotterdam 1 (Photograph: Michiel van Raaij)
JHK - The Bridge, Rotterdam 3 (Photograph: Michiel van Raaij)

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