MVRDV - Waterwijk, Ypenburg, The Hague
MVRDV – Waterwijk, Ypenburg, The Hague

Not related to anything, but I just wanted to show this beautiful photograph. It is a project by MVRDV in a suburb of The Hague, near Delft. The façade is totally black and almost doesn’t feature any windows, just some doors. With the almost Miesian silence and layout, the patio-dwellings are like a small fortress in the neighborhood. As an appropriate accessory to the building, some of the inhabitants drive a Porsche Cayenne.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Porsche Cayenne Turbo


I always get surprised with the admirable versatility that MVRDV has to design with different styles. Once in a swiss-lewerentzian way (like in this project) and once plastic-cartoon one (like in the other project that you showed here; once dirty (like in the netherland pavillion in hannover), and once very composed (like the building in Madrid.

That’s true, but is that not more a result from who they work with, then of style? In the case of Expo-pavilion the temporality dictates dirtyness, in the case of the Metador appartment building in Madrid an associate architect might sharpen the details, etc.

But I agree, they are somewhat camaleon-like, and shouldn’t all architects be like that!

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