ICE, by UN Studio

UN Studio - Arnhem Central Station
Arnhem Central Station (Copyright UN Studio)

On the symposium ‘The Station’ that was held 24 september 2005 in Rotterdam Tobias Wallister, the project architect of the design for Arnhem Central Station for UN Studio showed two images: one of a boxy train, and one of a streamlined ICE Train. “We are off course designers, so we wanted to give it a contemporary appearance”, was his very short explanation on the use of the image of the ICE-train for the design of the building. In reality the iconography of the train is much deeper rooted in the building. The railway-station transforms from a orthogonal slab with offices to the free form of the Transferhal. The ICE has the same transformation from box to blob where the wagon-space changes into the streamlined nose with the space for the machinist. The diagram is the same. The difference is that the blob-form of the ICE is dictated by the air-flow, and that the blob-form of the Transferhal follows the flows of the passengers.

ICE train
International City Express, ICE

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