Twisted Trees, by LHPA

Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects - Bin Hai Tower

Twisted Trees (Photograph: snurm)

The New York architectural office Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects will design a hotel/residential tower in the Southeast of China in the Bin Hai Seaport City. The programme features a 5 star hotel, 1 and 2 bedroom appartments, and a club with restaurants, bars and entertaining areas on the top three floors.

The iconography of the building is that of twisted trees. The architects say the design of the three interwined cylinders is inspired by the twisting forms of ancient cypress trees. These ’twisted trees’ will be clad with green glass - not brown.

This tri-part structural form rotates 2 degrees per floor. Since the building has 60 floors, one floor is displaced 120 degrees, or 1/3 circle. The maquette however seems to suggest more inclination.

This simple parameters seems to suggest that more design intelligence might be possible. Just some suggestions for future designers that are inspired by twisted trees and want to create more complex geometries.

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Twisted Trees (Photograph: The Design Loft

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