Goblins, by EEA

EEA - Kroeyers Plads
Erick van Egeraat - The Kroeyers Plads, Copenhagen (Copyright EEA)

The Kroeyers Plads project of Erick van Egeraat (EEA) in Kopenhagen explicitly refers to the iconography of the ‘Nikken’, the goblin-helpers of Santa Claus that are part of the National culture of Danmark. Erick van Egeraat had showed an image of the Nikken explicitly at the presentation of the competition. And won. “How difficult is it?”, Erick asked me in the interview I did with him. According to Erick the Danish are typicly open for that kind of concepts, but directly added that you cannot exaggerate it to much… know where to stop and get to the building.


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