Vagina, by Vetyemy

Igor de Vetyemy - Cidade do Sexo 1

Last weeks the most clicked link on this blog has been that of the vagina-building that the Dutch architect Hendrik Wijdeveld designed in 1922 for Amsterdam. When I started this blog I had not thought this much penisses and vaginas would come along. My ex-girlfriend suggested that my blog turned more erotic after my relationship with her ended. I don’t think so. Type ‘architecture’ and ‘sex’ at Amazon, and you find 257 books. It is a popular subject.

Let’s add another vagina to our cabinet of curiosities. The Brazilian architect Igor de Vetyemy has proposed a scheme for a sex-museum next to the beach of Rio de Janeiro. This Cidade do Sexo features “boasting strip joints, sex ‘capsules’ and a swingers’ club - all packed into a futuristic, phallus-like white labyrinth”, writes The Guardian. According to the architect, the main pavilions are representations of the uterus, the vagina. The enormous scheme that Vetyemy has presented however looks more like spaghetti or intestines and seems to end with two stacked penisses. Rather uninspired.

Brazil has with Oscar Niemeyer a history of architecture that is explicitly inspired by the female curves. This 25-year old Oxford graduate wants to take Brazilian architecture a step further.

Igor de Vetyemy - Cidade do Sexo 2 

One rendering seems to suggest that the scheme is inspired by the different Kamasutra positions, but it remains to me unclear how that idea has developed further.

Igor de Vetyemy - Cidade do Sexo 3 

Igor de Vetyemy - Cidade do Sexo 4

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