Bubbles, by KCAP

KCAP - Red Apple 1

In the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands a mixed-use complex is being realized that is called the Red Apple. The building is designed by Kees Christiaanse/KCAP.

Here I’m focusing on the shopping-passage in the complex. According to the architect the design of the shopping-passage uses an iconography that is a superposition of two images. Most important is the blue color and the punctuation with round windows, which refers to water bubbles. On top of that irregular lines were inspired by Dazzle Painting from the beginning of the 20th century.

KCAP - Red Apple 2 

Because they only just have began building the complex it is hard to say something about the experience of the complex. But it seems so ironic to refer to water bubbles, because it reminds to an Aquarium (interesting for a shopping-passage!), but also maybe to drowning. Even more ironic is the reference to an image of the military. However I think both are more a reference to surrealism and enigma, than to military tactics.

Dazzle 2


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