In 1994 the Belgian Robert Bauval published the book ‘The Orion Mystery’. A sort of ‘Da Vinci Code’ in egyptology; immensely popular, but scientific doubtful. Bauval argues that the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt represent the belt of Orion.

Although the argument is strong in the case of the three big pyramids, the argument for the location of the other pyramids in the region is less convincing. But more importantly; there is no proof that the Egyptions designed the pyramids to represent the stars. Well, who’s to say?

Looking down from the air, the landscape of Cairo around the Nijl-river has a distant echo in the Orion-nevel.

Nijl @ Cairo - Aerial Photograph

The Orion Nabula

By coincidence (?) the observatories of the astrologists also represent the stars with their round glimmering tops.


Nowadays the spotlighted pyramids of Giza represent more literal the stars.

Pyramids, Egypt - Panorama at night

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