Speed, by ONL

The recently opened Hessing showroom by Kas Oosterhuis/ONL in the Dutch city of Utrecht features an integration of soundwall and showroom.

In addition to the iconography of the cockpit that I mentioned before and that is explicated by Kas Oosterhuis himself, the building also seems to use another iconography: speed. Since the hybrid structure of the showroom/soundwall is located next to the main highway of the Netherlands and the showroom houses Lamborghini’s and Bentley’s the iconography of speed seems appropriate.

Speed in itself is not mapped in an image. However, at night, a photograph of moving vehicles shows lines of light. These lines are curved and continuous, just as the ‘powerlines’ of the Cockpit-building.

Kas Oosterhuis - Cockpit Building, Utrecht

Kas Oosterhuis - Cockpit Building, Utrecht 2

Speed 2 Blur (Photograph: Dennis Flood) 

Speed 1 (Photograph: Dennis Flood) 

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