Pyramid, by Pei

The addition of the Louvre Museum in Paris by I.M. Pei features a landmark glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Palace Building. The iconography of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt seems appropriate for a (historical) museum, and even more so for a museum with a large collection of Egyptian art and architecture. By making the pyramid of glass the iconography is subtle and smart - new and old coexist.

Note that both the pyramid of Giza and the pyramid of the Louvre have smaller pyramids to their side. In the case of the Louvre the pyramids are positioned more closely, but because they are also smaller they manipulate the perspective; on the photographs they are almost the same size as the ones at Giza.

As earlier with the Petronas Towers, and the Swiss Re tower, the iconic Louvre Museum now also plays a role in a Hollywood film: the Da Vinci Code.

I.M. Pei - Louvre Museum, Paris 

Pyramids, Egypt

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