Blocks, by Rex

Rex - Museum Plaza, Louisville

Blocks (Photograph: Zillian)

The proposed Museumplaza mixed use comples in Louisville by Rex/Joshua Prince-Ramus uses the iconography of the colored wooden blocks that children play with.

How ironic is it that the models they make at the ex-OMA firm in New York are at the exact same scale as those wooden building blocks. How provocating would it be if ‘Josh’ Prince-Ramus would testify in a couple of months: yes, it was designed by my son.

Rex - Museumplaza, Louisville 2

Rex - Museumplaza, Louisville 3

Update: Rex has announced that the project has grown to 61 stories. The new images show a more modest design without the prior differentiation in height between the different volumes.

Rex - Museumplaza, Louisville

Rex - Museumplaza, Louisville

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