Origami, by FOA

In iconographic architecture never one reading can monopolize the experience of the building. Foreign Office Architects used the image of the Hokusai Wave to explain their Yokohama International Cruise Terminal to the public, as noted earlier. That iconography accounts for the smooth meandering planes in the longitudinal section. On a lower scale there is also another iconography apparent that is a result of the design of the transversal section. The Fold of the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Gauttari that inspired the design of the building, finds a very literal iconography in folded paper: origami. Foreign Office has designed the structure of the building by making triangulated steel-plated portals. The paper iconography is ironic since the architects had won the competition for the Terminal with a design that featured an impossible-to-make waved steel construction that was copy-paste from corrugated cardboard. The folded paper artwork that is here shown is from the British artist Richard Sweeney. I turned the photographs of his work to match the architecture of Foreign Office.

Foreign Office Architects - Yokohama International Cruise Terminal 1

Foreign Office Architects - Yokohama International Cruise Terminal 2 

Richard Sweeney 1 

Richard Sweeney 2 

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