Bridge, by Rogers

At the waterfront of Queens, just over the Queensboro Bridge from Manhattan in New York, Silvercup Studios wants to build a 1 billion mixed-use project. The building program features 1,000 residential units, 8 soundstages, offices, retail, and cultural space. The design for the complex has been made by Richard Rogers Partnership together with NBBJ.

‘The design of the Silvercup Studios towers, with their distinctive exoskeletons and exposed diagonal cross bracing, reflects Rogers’ penchant for displaying buildings’ structural and mechanical systems. Silvercup Studios’ president, Stuart Suna, who trained as an architect, says that the development’s design is partially inspired by the structure of the bridge itself, which is reflected on the buildings bracing, and their proportions. The manner in which the massing of the three of them slopes down complements the bridge’s catenary curves he says.’ (Businessweek)

Personally I don’t think the architecture of ‘high-tech’ architects like Norman Foster, Richard Rogers or Norman Foster can ever be truly iconographic, Because their work originates from a technological point of view, instead of putting the experience and communication of the project on the first place. However, in Silvercup Studios project Rogers seems to have met a rare and fortunate incident, that seems to work.

Richard Rogers - Silvercup Studios, New York 1

Richard Rogers - Silvercup Studios, New York 2

Queens Bridge

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