Ice-skate, by Meyer & Van Schooten

Meyer & Van Schooten - ING House
ING House, Amsterdam

In the south-axis development of the city of Amsterdam, this is the new executive office of ING. The building is designed by the Dutch architects Meyer & van Schooten. The architect have not designed the building to be iconographic. Its form is derived from in context - at one side there are lower buildings, on the other side there are highrises, and the building is lifted so the office look over the elevated highway next to it.

In reality however, the strange form of the building triggers all kinds of associations. The building is mostly known as ice-skate, or shoe. That last metaphor is even used to promote ING as a ’sporty’ mark, in addition to the ‘green’ part that is represented by a double facade and several gardens in the interior.

ING House
ING House, Amsterdam


Cordless Vac
‘Dust Buster’ (Copyright Black & Decker)

Viking Ice-skate
‘Klapschaats’ (Copyright Viking)


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