Rapa Nui, by Perrault

The French architect Dominique Perrault has designed a tower for Barcelona that is an abstraction of the Rapa Nui sculptures - so says the architect. The building is called Sky hôtel Habitat and is located in the vicinity of the Torre Agbar by Jean Nouvel next to the Diagonal.

The Rapa Nui was an isolated ancient civilization on an island in the middle of the ocean, 2000 miles from Chile and Tahiti. The discoverer of the Island, the Dutch Admiral Roggeveen, called the island Easter Island (Paas eiland). The sculptures on the island are of a period of prosperity of the island around 400 A.D.

Why the architect uses exactly this iconography is not crystal clear. He could have picked any buste - a head with shoulders. The Rapa Nui is a part of our image culture, it is iconic, and refers to travalling/discovering, something that is appealing in the hotel-business.

Dominique Perraul - Hotel Habitat, Barcelona

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