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Milland Project, the Netherlands (image captured from YouTube video)
Milland Project, the Netherlands (Copyright Milland Project)

“A European masterpiece in the shape of a windmill: Milland”, the Arab Sheikh states: “An artificial island that will bring business, leisure and nature together.” He continues: “The mill turned out to be the perfect shape for combining a city with an airport.” Each wing of the windmill is a runway.

The island will feature a financial district with the highest hotel tower in Europe, eighty windmills that provide the power for the city, ‘nature’ in the form of two 18-hole golf courses, a FIA-approved racing track and a stadium that can seat 90.000 people. “It is the ninth wonder of the world”, considering the Dubai palm-islands to be the eighth.

It’s satire, although the film looks pretty convincing. It is made by an animator called Mumia El Sharat-Eljsr working in Dubai. Project Milland is a response to the over-the-top communication of the projects happening in Dubai and the recent ideas in the Netherlands for island in the shape of a tulip.

In the Netherlands there is an official study going to see if an artificial island for the Dutch coast is feasible. The main motivation seams to be jealousy: why can Dubai hire our engineers and dredgers to create the palm-islands, while we don’t do anything like that here. Not a great argument, I know. But it looks like there is going to come a small ‘energy’ island… indeed full of windmills.

The real island however doesn’t come in the shape of a windmill. The current of the water along the coast doesn’t allow an island with a non-hydrodynamic form, and certainly not an island with a form perpendicular to the coast. Besides the maybe unlikely chance of slowing down the current (with it eventually stopping), first there will be a huge sedimentation north to such an island. That would be a big beach.

As an image I have to admit the windmill is powerful. By using the linear coast as a ‘horizon’ or ‘ground’ for the shape – just like done in Dubai – the image is incredibly sharp. An idea posed by friend of me to improve Milland further: make the wings of the windmill rotate.

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