Canal House, by Kollhoff

In Rotterdam a new building block has been finished by the German architect Hans Kollhoff. The design is based on the Dutch Canal Houses. He says.

Where did we saw this scaling again of the Dutch Canal House before? Yes, Philip Johnson finished the Nations Bank in Houston already in 1983. Mr. Johnson ones said he thought it was one his most beautiful buildings because of its well-proportioned setbacks.

Here iconography overlaps with pop-art and Post-Modernism. Rem Koolhaas scaled a villa-design into the Porto Concert Hall. Hans Kollhoff scales a 4-story Canal House into 20-story appartment towers.

Mirage.Studio7 thinks “Iconography is a cancer in the architecture world.” In the case of Kollhoff I tend to agree.

Hans Kollhoff - Apartment Building, Rotterdam 

Dutch Canal Houses, Amsterdam 

Philip Johnson - Nations Bank, Houston 

Just as the icons of icons, the Eiffel Tower, is sold in miniture form on the streets of Paris, both the Dutch Canal Houses as the Nationsbank are sold to tourists.

Dutch Canal Houses, Miniature Model 

Nations Bank, Miniature Model

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