Interview Willem-Jan Neutelings

Neutelings Riedijk - Porte de la Villette (Copyright Neutelings Riedijk)
Neutelings Riedijk - Porte de la Villette (Copyright Neutelings Riedijk) (click-2-enlarge)

I am very proud to announce that the interview I did with the Dutch architect Willem-Jan Neutelings is online. I’m not even going to explain what it’s about: go check it out on Archinect!

Here I like to take the opportunity to thank Willem-Jan Neutelings for a great interview and his time. I also want to thank Fem Windhorst from Neutelings Riedijk for organizing the interview on a short notice. Thank you Hidde van der Lijn, for a brilliant photo shoot of Mr. Neutelings during the interview. Other thanks go to Jeroen Musch for providing photos of the work of Neutelings Riedijk. And final thanks go to Paul Petrunia for publishing this interview as feature on Archinect. Thanks so much!

What more can I say? The image above shows one of the projects Neutelings Riedijk is currently working on. It’s a hotel in Paris that will feature a text on the façade narrating on the ‘Périphérique’, the ring road of Paris the building is located along. The text is written by one of the last writers that participated in the 1968 protests in France. Every hotel room will feature one letter from the text.

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