Palm Jumeirah, by Nakheel

Again in Dubai currently three Palm Islands are planned by Nakheel. The first one, Palm Jumeirah, is already quite far in construction.

The iconography is of the palm-tree is not very direct, but a little abstracted. The iconography has double meanings in an urban sense, with two functional and two iconic assets:

1. It is a highly functional layout for the colonization of the islands; the long islands create a maximum stretch of beach, so every house can have it’s own beach.

2. As a logo the palm-tree refers to (beach)vacation. As the island is meant as part of Dubai’s attempt to become a touristic hotspot, this is smart and intelligent move.

3. The single entrance to the island has panoptic properties; a gate can keep unwanted people off the island. This can also be interpreted as a disadvantage, since it makes the island a private property that leads to segregation.

4. It is the first build structure that can been seen from space. It might also be a smart move since Google Earth has been launched. In the future people might reserve a villa by clicking on the islands in Google Earth. (currently the island is still invisible on the old maps of Google Earth)

The iconography of the islands is not a direct copy of the image of the palm tree, but a more abstract representation of it and therefore leaves room for alternative readings. I tend to see in it also an ejaculating penis, although that reading is perhaps a bit perverse and simplistic.

Nakheel - Palm Jumeirah Plan
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai (Copyright Nakheel)

Nakheel - Palm Jumeirah Aerial Photograph
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai (Copyright Nakheel)

Palm Tree
A palm

Nakheel - Palm Jumeirah Aerial Photograph Detail
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Interestingly below the Palm Island two separate islands are projected which are formed after the logo of the Project.

Palm Logo Aerial Photograph
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

 Palm Logo
The logo of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai (Copyright Nakheel)

Very perculiar is the hotel in the middle-top which has an Atlantis theme, with big aquaria. Under sealevel a new reef and artificial ‘flooded’ Atlantis city is planned for diving recreation. The confidence is so enormous that one can flirt with a theme that projects your own flooding. A flirt with death and extinction.

Hotel Atlantis
The Atlantis Hotel (Copyright Atlantis Hotel)

Some great aerial photographs of Dubai can be seen here.

A highly critical article about the development of the island by AP can be read here.

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