Menorah, by SeARCH

SeARCH - Synagoge LJG in Amsterdam 1


SeARCH - Synagoge LJG in Amsterdam 2

Menorah 2

The new Synogoge of the Liberal Jewish Municipality in Amsterdam that is designed by SeARCH, Bjarne Mastenbroek, uses the iconography of the Jewish Menorah (seven- or nine-armed candle) for its Sjoel (assembly-room).

The Menorah symbolizes in its turn the burning tree that Mozes saw on the Sinaï mountain. A second theory is that the seven branches of the candle symbolize the seven heavenly bodies that were known at the time in cosmology.

The big Menorah that is shown above is sited in Jeruzalem, and seems to suggest that it ones could become architecture. The representation of the Menorah on the Arch of Titus in Rome is also striking.

Sack of Jerusalem

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