Airplane, by Asymptote

The New York-based architectural office of Hani Rashid and Louise Anne Couture Asymptote used for their Pavilion on the flower-expo Floriande in the Netherlands the iconography of an airplane that takes off. The Pavilion of the Haarlemmermeer-polder both symbolizes the condition of living in the polder - living under sea level, as the fact that Schiphol Airport is one of the key-factors of the polder - the airplanes that take of every minute are the most visible manifestations of the airport. The airplanes that constantly fly over have a strong presence in the Haarlemmermeer-polder. Yet it is puzzling that the image of a fast-flying object is so easily translated into static architecture. Is such an image useful?

Asymptote - Pavilion Haarlemmermeer Floriande

Boeing 747 takes off

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