MoPo 2007

Saltlake, Panorama (Photographer: Iwan Baan)
Saltlake Panorama (Photographer: Iwan Baan)

Eikongraphia is proud to present the twenty-five Most Popular Architecture Blogs of this moment, in short: the MoPo 2007, not to confuse with PoMo, Jencks’ Post-Modernism.Eikongraphia congratulates Geoff Manaugh with this year’s Most Popular Architecture Blog.Other congratulations go to the team of Things Magazine, Alexander Trevi, John Hill, and the team of Plataforma Arquitectura with – in order of appearance – their second, third, fourth and fifth place.Runner up is Marcus Fair’s Dezeen at the sixth place, with a blog at the threshold of design and architecture. The expectation is that Dezeen will be convincingly the Most Popular Blog at the MoPo 2008 chart, considering its growth and the popularity of gadget and art blogs.

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2. Things Magazine
3. Pruned
4. Archidose
5. Plataforma Arquitectura
6. Tropolism
7. Dezeen
8. Edgar Gonzalez
9. Jetson Green
10. Subtopia
11. Eikongraphia
12. Anarchitecture
13. Noticias Arquitectura
14. Mirage Studio 7
15. Brand Avenue
16. Architecture.mnp
17. Archispass
18. Archinect News
19. Architechnophilia
20. Bird to the North
21. Dezain
22. ecAr 2.0
23. PartIV
24. Blog Like You Give A Damn
25. Death by Architecture

MoPo 2007 measures the popularity of architecture blogs by linking blogs (Technorati), subscribers (Bloglines), and hits (Google, and Google Images). I admit that this method is pretty far from perfect, but nevertheless these four parameters are objective figures. It is one way of representing popularity.

A more accurate chart would include exact visitor-counts. At this moment though, most blogs don’t publish these numbers, so I have to improvise. Just to illustrate the distortion: Eikongraphia drew yesterday more visitors than Archidose. The surreality of MoPo is quite intense, so to speak.

I also might have overlooked a blog while editing the chart. If you think your blog should have been included, just comment or e-mail, and I will have a look at it.

Also note that the chart becomes a bit obscure after number 20. There are not that many architecture blogs out there, so the figures down there are quite low and unstable. To illustrate: BLDGBLOG is linked by 1,086 blogs, Progressive Reactionary only by 1. New blogs could easily enter at the bottom of the chart and silently leave without anybody noticing them. There are winners and losers.

The winner of MoPo 2007 is Geoff Manaugh’s BLDGBLOG. Go check it out, and figure out a way to beat his blog next year. ;-)


Update 15 April 2007

As it turned out, the MoPo 2007, when released Wednesday last week, excluded two significant blogs on architecture – Plataforma Arquitectura, and Jetson Green.

Inserting them on a fifth and tenth place effectively makes Progressive Reactionary and Life by Design fall off the chart. Sorry guys. As noted by a lot of readers, does the chart favor older blogs. Even the internet has an inherent slowness to it – it takes time to get linked, to get subscribers, to be botted by Google. For a chart of blogs this (small) resistance to change has the advantage that one-day-flies have a low ‘imprint’ while longer-time bloggers earn respect. Blogging is about keeping it going. It’s endurance. 

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